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For example, borrow an e-reader device from us, take it with you on vacation, and use it to read one of our more than 260,000 e-books! You can use our digital services around the clock and from home. To read e-papers or e-books, use one of our e-learning platforms, stream movies and music. And so on ...

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We are the Association of Public Libraries in Berlin, VÖBB for short. We have more than 80 libraries throughout Berlin - including a dozen mobile libraries and school libraries. In addition, there are countless digital services - easily accessible online. And all of it for just €10 a year. We can hardly believe it ourselves.

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Безкоштовний бібліотечний квиток для біженців / Free library card for refugees / Бесплатный читательский билет для беженцев

(UKR) Дуже багато біженців із України зараз приїжджають у місто Берлін. Громадські бібліотеки сердечно вітають усіх. Безкоштовний читацький квиток для біженців надається на 3 місяці та без посвідки на проживання. цим квитком можна взяти на прокат 10 одиниць і користуватися нашими цифровими послугами. Більше інформації ви отримаєте у всіх бібліотеках. Знайти адреси прилеглих до вас бібліотек Ви можете в меню 'контакт'.

(EN) At the moment there are many refugees from Ukraine arriving in Berlin. All of them are also welcome in the public libraries of Berlin. For that there is a free library card for refugees for 3 months. It can be issued without a certificate of registration. You can borrow up to 10 media with it and use our digital offers as well. Ask for the library card for refugees at a library near you! You can find all locations under Contact.

(RU) Очень много беженцев из Украины сейчас приезжают в город Берлин. Публичные библиотеки сердечно приветствют всех. Бесплатный читательский билет для беженцев даётся на 3 месяца и без вида на жительство. С этим билетом можно взять на прокат 10 единиц и сверх того пользоваться нашими цифровыми услугами. Больше информации вы получите во всех библиотеках. Найти адреса близлежащих к Вам библиотек Вы можете в меню 'контакт'.

Reliable sources on the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine has taken on new, frightening proportions since February 24. The facts are often unclear and sources difficult to verify. We have created and are constantly expanding a page with current media and research sources on the background and analysis of the conflict in Ukraine [GER].

Events on the Ukraine conflict at the ZLB

The Central and Regional Library (ZLB) offers several events on the background of the war in Ukraine. The political, economic and social consequences will also be considered and questions answered. All events on the war in Ukraine are available on the ZLB website [GER].

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Simply use online registration to give away a library membership card for a year: Either as a fairytale gift card (German language) with fairies, wizards and unicorns or as a classic gift card (German language). Print out on your own!

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Learn German with VHS

Welcome to Berlin! The German course „Ich will Deutsch lernen“ has been moved: You can find free online courses, beginner and advanced, at the learning portal of VHS (Volkshochschulen).